Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Body Art

It seems we are seeing a little bit of the terrible two's starting to emerge in Ellie. She is mostly a joyful baby, well, little girl now. :( I am bumming that I no longer have a little baby - we'll have to get to working on that! Well, our walls are starting to show that we have an almost two-year-old in the house. I have caught her on more that one occassion with crayon and pencil in hand scribbling on the wall. This particular night the older girls got ahold of a pink marker and pen and decided to "tatoo" flip flops onto their feet! After Ellison had her shower, she also got ahold of the marker. When I first looked at her, all I noticed was the massive amount of pink marker all over her thighs. However, as I looked closer, I noticed that she had marked over both of her nipples as well. I laughed, of course, and asked her why had she put marker on her nipples. Her response was, "No, not my nipples. My milks." I guess maybe it's time to stop the breast feeding!

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