Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Stray Dog

So it's been almost two weeks now, but we had a stray dog show up at the house. We already have a 3 year old chocolate lab, who frequently disobeys us. Brian and Brynn are suckers for animals, though, Brian especially has a soft spot for dogs. This one appeared to be a fairly young, maybe 6 months old, Beagle-type dog. He showed up on a Friday afternoon when Brian got home from work, but was not there later that night. Once again, he was at the house on Saturday morning. When the girls got up on Saturday, Brian took them to the window to show them the dog. Brynn immediately told him, "I think I'm gonna call that dog 'Baby Cakes'." Well, the dog is a boy. After calling him 'Baby Cakes' for a good portion of the day, we finally told them that maybe he wouldn't like being called a "girl name." Tristin thought 'Biscuit' like the stories about the dog would be a good name, but that just wasn't sticking. Then Brynn pipes up and says, "I think we'll call him 'Doctor Dan'." And that seems to be the name that stuck.

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