Thursday, October 16, 2008

We have pee in the potty!

I will spare the pictures on this, but much to my surprise I found pee in Ellison's potty chair tonight. Actually, she found it! To backtrack a bit, we bought her a potty chair awhile back. She had expressed some interest, but nothing major, so I figured "what the heck". So, we have the chair, we've sat on it quite a bit, but no tinkles - until NOW! She'd been running around without a diaper on for awhile after supper so I sent her into the bathroom to sit on her potty. I didn't even go in with her. A couple minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom pulling up a pair of Tristin's panties she'd found and doing a little "shake your booty" dance. That in itself was pretty darn cute - she does the dance while singing, "Shake your booty, shake your booty." Ok, so I didn't think anything more about the potty until bedtime. Honestly, I didn't figure there'd been any pee action. But as I was walking her to her room, she went into the bathroom, pulled up the lid of the potty, pointed and said, "Pee in there!!" She actually seemed surprised herself, but then got really excited and had to show the rest of the family. Well, that is the excitement for our house tonight. And, yes, this really is exciting - it could mean no more diapers in our house soon!

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